We're changing the way you yoga, eat, connect and thrive.  Feeling good is not just a state of being it's a way of living; and life without good food, good friends and good times is no way to live!

What do we do? We create local pop-up yoga + food events in and around San Diego. Bringing all the elements of your favorite dinner party, social hour and yoga class to your feet.

Join us for yogi brunch club, cocktails + meditations, dinner and a movie and weekend wine, yoga + relaxation retreats.

We promise you'll have fun, feel good and meet some great people!

Upcoming Events

"We're revamping your yoga and social time"

I created Eat.Drink.Yoga. with ONE idea in mind ~ INSPIRE. I wanted to create events that ‘inspired’ people to move their bodies. Inspired them to meet new people. Inspired them to try new foods and take an interest in other cultures. I wanted to create something that would INSPIRE CHANGE. Eat.Drink.Yoga. is about more than just coming together for yoga and a meal ~ it’s an opportunity to step outside your circle, your comfort zone, even your reality if only for a bit and be inspired to do more. This is why every event has a give back aspect to it - if I can inspire just one person to take action and give then I know that my purpose is being served.
— Brandi Daniels | creator yogi foodie

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“Food is the toffee-toasted mortar that binds people together....”
— The Kinfolk Table